14 Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home

There are more than a few reasons that spending New Year’s Eve at home can be better than going out— including not having to brave the cold, traveling far to parties, or spending a fortune on drinks and cab rides. If you’re stumped on how you should ring in the New Year, try any of the following tips to have a blast at home.

Put together a varied and delicious charcuterie board

  1. If you don’t feel like cooking but still want to have a celebratory dinner, peruse Washingtonian’s list of top restaurants to order your New Year’s feast for pickup.
  2. For a simple yet elegant meal, make a charcuterie board with assorted meats, cheeses, jams, and fruits for you to graze on throughout the night.
  3. Prepare for a New Year’s Day brunch at home— for good luck, include black-eyed peas, greens, and cornbread.
  4. Make your favorite cocktail, open a bottle of champagne, or experiment with a new drink.
  5. Break out the cards and board games for a game night— or turn on the tv and play video games with siblings or friends online.
  6. Curate a playlist with your favorite songs (or browse playlists online) and have a dance party at home.
  7. Grab all your blankets and pillows and make a fort in your living room.
  8. Wear your fanciest clothes for a dress-up party or follow a theme of your own.
  9. Connect with family and friends on a scheduled Zoom call or pick up the phone to check in on your loved ones.
  10. Have a movie marathon or binge watch your favorite show. You can also tune into the SyFy Channel to watch the yearly Twilight Zone marathon.
  11. Watch the ball drop with your favorite celebrity commentators.
  12. Get a head start on thinking of your New Year’s Resolutions.
  13. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores.
  14. Get creative and make art— draw, paint, collage, or take photos.

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