5 Simple Tips for Success for Pet-Owning Sellers

In this whirlwind market it can be hard to catch your breath between preparing your home for sale, receiving a deluge of interest, and navigating the process between contract to close. Living in your home while trying to sell it creates additional challenges, especially if you have pets. Juggling between multiple showings and ensuring your furry friends are kept at ease can prove difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way. To alleviate the stress on you and your pets, take the following precautionary measures:

 Making a plan for your pets before selling your home makes life easier on you and them

  1.  Strategize with your listing agent when you would like to list your house for sale and target a weekend you can go out of town or stay with family. Getting you and your pets out of the house for a dedicated window of time maximizes the amount of buyers who can see your home without time restraints. You can either bring your pets with you or board them over the weekend.
  2. If you can’t swing a trip out of town, check in with family or friends if they would be willing to host your pets at their house for the duration of your showings. Having one less thing to worry about and coordinate saves you time and stress.
  3. If you and your pets are living in the house while it is being shown, brief your listing agent on any special showing instructions so they can convey it to other agents showing your home. Maybe you have a cat that is an escape artist or a dog who is crated in the main bedroom— in any case, warding off surprises and preparing buyers and their agents for what they are walking into will make the showing process easier for everyone involved.
  4. Make sure to professionally clean your house prior to going to market, not only for coronavirus concerns but to ensure the house shows well. Eliminating the possibility of buyers coming into contact with offensive odors, hair, and allergens prevents a negative experience for the buyer.
  5. Pets can be ruinous, so make sure to repair or replace items in the house that have been at the mercy of their destruction. Examples include soiled carpet, scratch or bite marks on doorways or corners, and torn screens or window treatments.
Crafting a plan in advance of putting your home on the market will prevent unnecessary stress for your and your pets and improve the showing experience for prospective buyers. For personalized tips and a no-obligation consultation, call or text 301-780-HOME (4663).

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