A Festivus for the Rest of Us

Fans of Seinfeld are aware that December 23 is a day to celebrate Festivus, a secular holiday that includes erecting the Festivus pole, eating a Festivus dinner, performing the Airing of Grievances, and finishing with the Feats of Strength.


After displaying the unadorned aluminum pole (because tinsel is distracting) and finishing dinner, what follows is the pièce de résistance— the Airing of Grievances. Like it sounds, this is the opportunity to deliver all the ways in which people and the world have disappointed you this year. The celebration culminates in the Feats of Strength whereby the head of household is wrestled to the floor and the holiday ends only when the host is pinned down.

Given how turbulent and unkind this year has been to so many, celebrating Festivus today seems more timely than ever.

 Happy Festivus!

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