Do Open Houses Work?

Do Open Houses Work?
Open Houses have become increasingly important, as buyers (first-time and repeat), often begin the process of looking for homes independently. First time home buyers are largely  “digital natives”  – millennials who have always had access to the internet. They usually begin their home search online, and venture out on weekends to visit properties that hold their interest. They tend to engage an agent once they they have narrowed down their search to a few neighborhoods or type of home.
Open houses are a critical piece of marketing that brings buyers to your home. With the increased exposure of an open house, your home has the potential to sell faster and for a higher price.
We’ll "kick off" the sale of your home with an Open House that very first weekend. We hold additional open houses on a strategic schedule. Frequent open houses are an essential part of our marketing package.  We ensure that your open house is advertised across the internet (and in print).  
We provide a checklist to help you prepare for the Open House, and we provide staging services to highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.  
We manage your open house from beginning to end, including staging the home. However, there are a few key preparation items you’ll need to manage for your open house. Some of these items may seem obvious, but in the busyness of getting ready, it’s easy to overlook some important steps:
  • De-clutter and de-personalize – Most of your packing should occur before the professional photography takes place –  we can assist you with any storage needs. You’ll want to remove any personal items and photos: homebuyers want to walk into the house and visualize it as their new home. If the house has too many pieces of furniture and knickknacks, it’s hard for potential buyers to see the home’s features. We provide basic staging services, and can provide a more comprehensive staging and/or renovation plan.
  • Clean the house –  Even if you clean house on a regular basis, a professional cleaning is highly recommended. Also – have the windows washed and any carpeting cleaned. We can provide these professional cleaning services to assist you.
  • Landscaping clean-up –  Even if your house hits the market in the winter, a neat and clean yard will give the impression of a well-maintained home. We can provide a professional landscaping clean-up. And speaking of winter, be sure that walkways and driveways will be shoveled of snow and sprinkled with ice melter for safety.
  • Make a good first impression –  a brand new door mat, a fresh coat of paint on the front door and mailbox, flowers/plants on the front stoop, perhaps some new house numbers all make the house cheerful and welcoming to potential buyers.
  • Remove prescription and cold medications from the home – It’s important that all your prescription medications and cold remedies are removed from the house.
  • Remove valuables – Our agents do keep an eye on things, but cannot be in every room at once. Remove any jewelry or other items of value.
  • Remove firearms/weapons from the home – In the busyness of preparing your house, it’s easy to overlook. If there are any firearms or weapons in the house, they must be removed for the open house, and all subsequent showings.
  • Clean out cabinets and drawers – Buyers will open kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers to look for storage. They should be limited to only a few items, if anything.
  • Unlock all doors and closets – It’s tempting to shove some clutter in a closet and lock it up, but potential buyers will want to get an idea of how much storage they’ll have. Make your closets tidy and uncluttered.
  • Send the pets elsewhere – We love pets, and we think that they make a house a home, but your pets will be happier without strangers in their space. Keep in mind that a potential buyer may also be uncomfortable around animals.
  • Don’t be present – You should plan to be out of the house during the open house event. Potential buyers want to feel free to ask questions. We know you are proud of your beautiful home and the work you’ve put into it, but a seller’s presence can be a hindrance.

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