Moving to Woodmoor

Location Guide: Moving to Woodmoor

Picturesque Brick Colonials, Cape Cods, and Tudors

If you’re looking for a pleasant and picturesque neighborhood in the Silver Spring area, look no further than Woodmoor. This tree-lined neighborhood north of the Beltway is roughly bordered to the north by the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River, to the south by University Boulevard, and to the west by Colesville Road. This affordable, close-knit neighborhood with 700+ single-family homes is close to the city with the benefits of living in the suburbs. 

Woodmoor’s first homes were developed in the 1930s by developer George J. Moss, who was a pioneer of this first large “planned community” in Silver Spring. Moss, unlike other developers at the time, was said to have personally investigated the land, trees, and placement of homes in Woodmoor. Moss took a risk by choosing land that was “out” in a sleepy rural farming area of Four Corners that was far from transportation and shopping in the 1930s.

Woodmoor’s first homes were built in the late 1930s and are just as charming and attractive today with classic amenities like fireplaces, hardwood floors, and screened porches. In Woodmoor, the picturesque brick colonials, cape cods, and tudors— mixed in with a few post-war ramblers and split levels— offer residents a chance to own a home large or small. Many of these gorgeous homes are situated on wooded lots that offer a natural respite to residents.

In the late 1930's, Indian Spring Country Club (now the Silver Spring YMCA) and Argyle Country Club (now Sligo Creek Public Golf Course) drew people into this quiet suburban "bedroom" community. Many young families flocked to Woodmoor for Saint Bernadette’s Church and the opening of Saint Bernadette School. Today, Woodmoor is just as attractive to newcomers and established residents alike. It is not uncommon for Woodmoor residents to move a couple blocks over when they need more space because they wish to remain in the neighborhood. 

Today’s denizens of Woodmoor appreciate it for its diversity, many social and outdoorsy activities, school system, and neighborly charm. The myriad socials, parades, and specialty clubs in Woodmoor have only increased with time. The Northwest Branch Park and its stream runs along the northern boundary of Woodmoor (where there is a Woodmoor Green Team) and offers a rich opportunity for recreation and nature watching for residents. Beyond the multitude of things to do, most residents say that their favorite part about residing in Woodmoor is the sense of community where people say hello to one another on the streets.

The prime location of Woodmoor allows its residents to send their children to some of the best schools in the area, which include Pine Crest Elementary, Montgomery Knolls Elementary, Eastern Middle, and Montgomery Blair High. Montgomery Blair High belongs to the DCC (Downcounty Consortium) which allows students to choose a high school (space-permitting) that aligns with their preferred academic area of study.

Beyond the residential streets, there is also the recently restored, art deco style Woodmoor Shopping Center at the edge of the neighborhood that features quaint, locally-owned businesses like the crowd-favorites Woodmoor Pastry Shop and Santucci’s Italian Deli. In the basement of the Woodmoor Shopping Center is the Silver Spring Stage, which has been in operation for many years.

Getting around Silver Spring and beyond is a breeze with a number of bus routes along University Boulevard and Colesville Road, in addition to the Silver Spring and Forest Glen red line metro stations.


Welcome to Woodmoor, MD!

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