New Endeavors

Most people never fathom that they can become homeless. Yet for so many people who are experiencing homelessness, the circumstances that made them homeless are completely outside of their control. Some of the difficulties of being homeless— finding food to eat, clothes to wear, and places to go until the next emergency shelter opens— are compounded for women, especially those with children.

In 1988, New Endeavors by Women (NEW) was created when a group of women who worked in emergency shelters approached the District for funds to start a program just for women. NEW understands that for women in the throes of constant change and uncertainty, breaking the cycle of homelessness can feel like an insurmountable task. By offering long-term housing, enriching programs, and individualized support, women supported by NEW are able to achieve independence and healing.

Unlike typical homeless shelters, NEW provides long-term housing for women in its care. The daily chore of arriving at shelters in the evening without a guaranteed spot and having to leave in the morning with all personal belongings is disruptive and stressful. NEW provides 73 permanent housing units and 24 transitional housing units so women have access to reliable housing and support. Every resident receives support services including education and employment services, and NEW offers specialized assistance for children and families.

The programming at NEW is varied and specialized according to need, including support for dealing with trauma, substance abuse, chronic illnesses, and disabling conditions. The permanent supportive housing programs and transitional programs allow caseworkers to work with women to establish a plan for self-sufficiency. The youth enrichment program offers homework assistance, enrichment activities, and curriculum focused on math, reading, and social skills to help children succeed in school. Because of its small size, NEW is able to give personalized attention to each woman’s situation and develop genuine relationships between caseworkers and residents.

There are many ways to support NEW, including donating PPE, cleaning supplies, nonperishable food, financial donations, and making purchases through Amazon Smile. Supporting NEW directly helps homeless women and children in our community, and is a step towards breaking the cycle of homelessness.

The Tamara Kucik Team is establishing a new endeavor of its own. Each quarter, we'll choose a 501c3 charity to sponsor. For the remainder of 2020 and through March 2021 we will sponsor New Endeavors by Women and will make a financial donation to NEW for each and every home that we sell. We hope that you will join us in supporting this key local charity.

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