Our Secret Weapon

Our Secret Weapon--WAPOW!

The TK Team will market your home even before day 1.   
We develop a comprehensive, 3-step marketing plan for each of our listings, both taking into consideration the current economic climate as well as the pace of the local market. While our average days on market remains under 2 weeks (less than 7 days in the Spring), we make no assumptions about the speed of the sale.
Our Hot Off Market Exclusive (H.O.M.E.) program uses private networks to reach the agents who represent more than 80 percent of the buyers. An off-market sale can minimize your investment in pre-sale preparation and give you leverage in the final price and terms. 
The Coming Soon phase utilizes signage, social media, print ads and a limited MLS status. This phase helps build interest and enthusiasm from the buying market for phase three.
The multiple listing service (MLS) is phase three, and where most brokerages start. We have found that phase one and phase two have helped build exposure for this third phase.     
We invest time and expense in this three-layered approach to ensure our clients the very best outcome. Our personalized approach helps sell your home with minimal days on market and for the best price.  The net result: over the past 14 years our average list to sold price is 101%, compared to the regional average of 97%. 

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