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Dine-in on a literary dish-Capitol Hill Books Delivers!

If you’ve finally caught up on all your Netflix and Hulu shows and want a break from a screen, yet tire of the same old books on your bookshelf at home, consider ordering some new reads from local used bookstore Capitol Hill Books. Located in Eastern Market, the brick-and-mortar shop of Capitol Hill Books is temporarily closed but the staff is still fulfilling online orders.

Capitol Hill Books Grab Bag

Not only are they fulfilling rare book orders online via their website, but they are also curating mystery “Grab Bags” of books to send to bookworms across the United States.

The idea is simple: using the Google form on their website, fill out your shipping information, and indicate how much you are willing to spend and which genres, authors, and books you enjoy. Then the staff will use that information to compile a stack of books they think you will enjoy based on your answers. You can opt to receive a picture of your proposed stack once it has been selected, or you can invite a bit of mystery by opting for a “blind stack.”

Reasonably priced, these mystery grab bags from Capitol Hill Books include free shipping on orders over $50 and make for excellent gifts for friends and family. Follow the link here to order your customized stack:




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8218 Wisconsin Ave #310, Bethesda, MD 20814

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