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Get to Know: GIGS

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

GIGS, a music school in the heart of Kensington, sets out to create fun and innovative ways to teach music to students of all levels. GIGS has virtualized the traditional relationship between student and teacher so that aspiring young musicians can continue to learn and love music, even when stuck at home. In addition to a plethora of musical resources, including over 1,000 educational materials and song sheets, this virtual curriculum includes a personalized video lesson from the instructor, customized lesson plans, and weekly video check-ins.

At the beginning of the week, students receive a personal pre-recorded video lesson whereby the teacher explains and demonstrates how the student should be practicing that week. Instructors check in twice a week via Skype to observe student progress, give immediate feedback, set goals for the next week, and personally connect with their students. After the check-ins, instructors modify lesson plans for the next week based on the progress of the student.

One thing that makes GIGS truly special is its staff, which is comprised entirely of musicians, including local performers and bands. The teachers form genuine bonds with their students and aim to build their confidence and foster their musical passions. A variety of lessons are offered, including guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, singing, and more. With virtual weekly lessons taught at all levels, easy rescheduling, and no commitment, GIGS offers a stress-free way for kids and parents to learn about music.




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