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Quickbread: No Yeast? No Problem.

Given that many people are now afforded the luxury of extra time to spend in the kitchen, budding chefs all over have been trying their hand at making homemade

Quick Bread

bread. With gorgeous, crusty loaves gracing screens everywhere, it’s hard not to feel inspired and attempt a baguette or herbed focaccia. However, there is one serious stumbling block that many frustrated bakers face: a lack of yeast.

Yeast, a leavening microorganism that essentially makes bread rise and gives it its airy texture, is an essential component in most bread recipes. But without reliable access to it online or in stores, what’s a person to do without yeast? Well, there are yeast-less recipes online that not only make do in a pinch but are actually very tasty.

This basic quick bread recipe can be modified to be savory or sweet, and has endless variations, depending on what you have on hand. It can be adapted with various flours, kinds of milk,

No yeast, no wait with quickbread.

flavorful additions, and so on, and is so quick that it’s a cinch to try multiple variations in a week’s time. One suggestion from our kitchen: sauté minced garlic in a little olive oil, and add that to the bread with rosemary and basil for an herbaceous Italian loaf.




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