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Spring Clean!

From prepping the flower beds outside to washing the beds inside, spring is the time to wake up your home from the doldrums of winter.

Read our list of important Spring maintenance chores:

Inside to do list:

Deep clean kitchen, including cabinets and woodwork

Deep clean bathrooms, including tiles and woodwork

Spot clean walls from grime and marks

Wash and put away winter bedding, hats, gloves, coats and scalves

Change or clean furnace filters

Change light bulbs

Outside to do list:

Walk the home's perimeter and look for exterior damage from the winter

Prune shrubs and perennial plants for new growth

Clean and put away snow blowers and shovels

Wipe down outdoor furniture and kids toys

To download our TKT Real Estate Spring Clean Maintenance Checklist

Click here >

Cleaning and decluttering on your mind?

Join us for our bi-annual Go Green Day to reduce, reuse and recycle!




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