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Sweet HairAfter, the creative and uplifting hair salon in the heart of Kensington, is still finding ways to make people look and feel beautiful, despite being temporarily shut down. Hair products like shampoos and conditioners, as well as personalized root touch-up kits, are available for curbside pickup to keep customers feeling fresh, even if they are just staying at home. For those brave enough to take matters into their own hands, customers can schedule virtual appointments with owner Kylie Hoben, who gives live instructions on how to cut someone else’s hair.

With the closure of so many services and businesses that enrich our lives and community, it is important to find ways to meaningfully support those businesses. To support Sweet HairAfter, consider ordering products for curbside pickup, buying gift cards online, and scheduling your next appointment ASAP (the books are already getting full, and as soon as it is safe to reopen, Sweet HairAfter expects to be slammed as they are booking at 50% capacity). If you aren’t ready to schedule an appointment or don’t need products, referring friends to Sweet HairAfter and publishing 5-star reviews online is another meaningful way to support them.

As we reevaluate what is truly essential and non-essential in our lives, it has become increasingly apparent that people are making choices in much more pragmatic and thoughtful ways. With the impact of our choices drawn into sharp relief, it is now abundantly clear that our choices as consumers matter, and it is important to lend support to local businesses for the future of our community. Despite the different circumstances, the mission of Sweet HairAfter remains the same— people should be able to take pride in how they look, and should feel beautiful inside and out after an experience with Sweet HairAfter. 




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8218 Wisconsin Ave #310, Bethesda, MD 20814

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