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The Delectable Dish and Dram

Dish and Dram, a staple among Kensington locals, thankfully remains open during the shelter-in-place order and offers its delectable menu for takeout. If you’re tired of cooking at home or want to treat yourself with a special meal, call Dish and Dram at (301) 962-4046 or order online at

The chefs at Dish and Dram have 20 years of experience cooking in the finest restaurants, and it shows: with both creative flair and fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers’ markets, every dish is delicious and memorable.

The wide variety of items for carryout includes soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, individual entrees, family-style dishes, and beer and wine. Some family-style options include coq au vin, chicken pot pie, house-smoked brisket, beef and vegetarian lasagnas, fried chicken, crab & shrimp chowder, mashed potatoes, and bok choy with mushrooms.

The staff at Dish and Dram are kind and caring, and make every effort to accommodate customers, whether that includes dietary concerns or upcoming events. With truly unique and outstanding food, Dish and Dram is a shining star in Kensington and a pillar of the community.




301-780-HOME (4663)

8218 Wisconsin Ave #310, Bethesda, MD 20814

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